Agricultural Crops

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For now TCE Gofour concentrates itself with the Bio Product Processor first on the oil rich crop rapeseed as input for the enzymatic process that occurs in the Bio Product Processor. Firstly, to distill the resulting semi-finished products, secondly because of the positive effects that rapeseed has on the environment, soil and productivity of succeeding crops.

Positive effects are:
1. Increasing yield: increase in revenues from fruits by high organic matter buildup in particular through the rapeseed roots. Consequently, less fertilizer is needed. The yield of wheat and maize in particular appears to rise 15-30% after cultivation of rapeseed;
2. Increasing biodiversity, flora and fauna: Rapeseed is a crop that promotes the development of the apiary. Also, small game and birds seem to thrive well in rapeseed;
3. Good swap fruit: by additional crop in the fruit rotation reduces the burden of disease in other crops.

Agri crops