Bio Product processor debuts on Agro Expo Assen

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It was very busy last Tuesday at the Agro Expo in Assen. The crowd flowed massively to the TCE Gofour trading floor for the opening of world’s first Bio Product Processor. Even though the first hours of the exhibition seemed to be quiet, people were flocking to the impressive exhibition of TCE GoFour BV for the BPP premiere.

The Bio Product Processor converts rapeseed into many (semi) finished products for FOOD, FUEL FEED and applications by using a enzymatic process. Examples include various high quality nutrients, cattle feed and APPO biodiesel. All this happens in a small factory on shipping container format which will be placed in the yard at the farm.

The Bio Product Processor was opened by deputy Henk van der Boer of the province of Drenthe. Several interviews led by RTV Noord personality and chairman of Dollard Tarwe, Derk Bosscher, then followed. Several partners of the Bio Product Processor project signed with TCE GoFour BV director Peter van der Klok a letter of intent under the watchful eye of cameras and audience. Frankwin Beers of Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, Jaap Dun of Mts Dun, Klaas de Lange of Weerribben Zuivel and Derk Bosscher of Dollard Tarwe, received a framed signed copy of the letter of intent along with a bottle of Eulie oet Grunn.

Opening the doors of the Bio Product Processor and drinking champagne was what followed. People toasted at this unique moment and hands were shaken with the first BPP partners. Also the first user of the Bio Product Processor was announced. It’s Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen that will use the BPP to produce food for the elephants and to make APPO biodiesel for safari vehicles.

TCE GoFour BV looks back on a successful launch of the Bio Product Processor and a festive afternoon.

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