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bpp agreement

TCE Gofour offers a number of contractual options for the commissioning of the Bio Product Processor, namely an agreement based on buying, renting or leasing. In the menu on the right of this page you can find more information about these different types of agreements so you can figure out which option suits you the best.

In the case of an agreement, the Bio Product Processor containers will be placed in the yard of the buyer on a level made surface​​. In order to get the Bio Product Processor container in place, it is important that the carriage can take place in the most simple and efficient possible way.

bpp container

For the base of the Bio Product Processor has been chosen for a standard shipping container because in this way the BPP is easily to transport (anywhere in the world) by ship, train or truck. A container is a globally standardized metal box and has fixed dimensions. The standard size of a container is called TEU. A TEU is 20 foot (app. 6 meter) long, 8 foot (2,44 meter) wide and 8 1/2 foot (2,60 meter) tall.

bpp container