Chinese investor wanted for innovative and compact biodiesel factory

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Club China member Peter van der Klok is convinced that the launch of his new product – the Bio Product Processor, BPP – will bring great prosperity to China. His patented mini-factory, the size of a standard shipping container, can easily turn up to 65 hectares of rapeseed into 100,000 litres of ready-to-use ‘drop-in APPO’ (Advanced Pure Plant Oil/bio-diesel). Van der Klok’s company Gofour China is looking for a buyer of exclusive use of the patented technology in China.

Peter van der Klok (56) is a highly experienced entrepreneur, based in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands. For over thirty years, his company FINN ( has been successful in developing and manufacturing high-precision patented parts. FINN is a well-known supplier for medical, biotech, aviation and space industries. Van der Klok knows China well, since he successfully outsourced part of FINN’s production to the Wujiang region.

Launch of BPP

December 16 is the official launch date of the best product Peter van der Klok has ever developed. The Bio Product Processor (BPP) is the first ‘minifactory’ that farmers can have installed on their own premises to process oil-crops into ready-to-use bio-diesel. Crops like rapeseed or canola, hemp, soy beans and jatropha that come from the own harvest and can be used as raw material for the Bio Product Processor, through use of a newly developed, environmentally friendly enzymatic process, that offers high yield and high-quality products. In cooperation with the Groningen university (RUG), Van der Klok has proven that his BPP meets the highest expectations. The BPP offers an alternative to situations in several countries, where biodiesel is being produced in large-scale, centrally located chemical installations, with all the well-known problems: the processes in these factories are energy-consuming, produce a lot of waste and generate low-quality biodiesel.

Provide own energy needs

“One of the benefits of the BPP is that farmers can use their crops at their own company to provide their own energy needs when it comes to transport, electricity and heat”, Van der Klok explain. “Which results in enormous reduction of expenses and independence from the energy market. Farmers become future-proof in a time where subsidies and benefits are shrinking. Aside from that, the financial benefit per hectare increases significantly, which makes the recoup period of the BPP short. In conclusion, this process will also lead to a significant drop in the CO2 footprint.” A BPP is easy to install and can be monitored by technicians from any place in the world. “The farmer gets a worry-free solution”, Van der Klok insists.

Gofour China

Opening Gofour China – Minister of Economic Affairs Verhagen & Gofour China director Peter van der Klok

The Bio Product Processor (BPP) is a patented product of TCE Gofour, the company that Van der Klok started in 2007 and that specialises in innovative sustainability technologies. Van der Klok is marketing the BPP to European, African and other world markets and has decided to offer a Chinese buyer exclusive rights for China. The entrepreneur has high expectations for the Chinese market and has hired the Wujiang Investment Bureau to market his product. “China needs clean fuels. The densely-populated parts of the country, where clean air is scarce, could definitely benefit from CO2-neutral, sustainable bio-diesel production.

Cost-efficient, CO2-neutral

According to Van der Klok, history may repeat itself. “In many countries, farmers used part of their land to grow crops to feeds their animals, like the horses that they used in the field. Today, a modern farmer can use 10 per cent of his land to grow the crops to produce 16,000 litres of biodiesel for his tractors and other machines. The largest part of the crop he can still use to feed his cattle or to sell. This is a great way to run a modern farm in a cost-efficient and CO2 neutral way and to become less dependent on fossil fuels!”

Initially the Bio Product Processor will focus on rapeseed as raw material for the enzymatic process. Soon TCE Gofour will include other agricultural materials such as potatoes and beet. Future developments will include other alternative fuel sources like algae, sewer fat, animal fat and oil. “The BPP could have a great future in China, specifically in agricultural areas and at fish farms. We are looking for the entrepreneur with a green heart that seizes the opportunity!”


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