Construction Bio Product Processor: The start of a unique and sustainable product

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bpp construction

Green TEU containers are delivered at the TCE Gofour factory in Stadskanaal.

TCE Gofour’s Bio Product Processor converts oil crops and waste streams through an enzymatic process into sustainable and organic high quality (semi) finished products.

The construction of the Bio Product Processor starts with organizing the (TUI) container, which serves as the basis for the Bio Product Processor. The reason that TCE GoFour uses a standard shipping container as the basis for the Bio Product Processor, is that Bio Product Processor is easy to transport anywhere in the world by ship, train or truck. One TEU container is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet high and is a globally standardized metal box.

bpp mts jaap dun Jaap Dun is taking a look at building of his Bio Product Processor system for MTS Dun in Musselkanaal.

The first step in the Bio Product Processor production process is welding a frame for the modular components that together together will form the Bio Product Processor.

BPP peter van der klok

Peter van der Klok engaged in the assembly of the frame for the BPP container. After the installation of the frame, the construction of ducts and lighting will start. BPP lassen The frame of structural steel is welded to the container.

BPP construction

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