Economic & ecologic interest

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The Bio Product Processor is of great economic and ecological importance. In the overview below, which addresses the agricultural sector with rapeseed as input for the Bio Product Processor, you can read why.

1. Farmers can provide in their own energy needs for transport, electricity and heat;

2. There is no “fuel for food”. Due to the positive effect of rapeseed on the yield of succeeding crops, especially wheat and corn, the yield of the complementary cultivation significantly increases;

3. The final total yield per hectare is increasing sharply, the payback period on the investment is short;

4. Farmers are more future resistant in an era that EU subsidies and surcharges are shrinking;

5. Additional employment in rural areas;

6. Significant reduction in CO2 footprint;

7. High quality (semi)-finished products can be produced in a non-polluting, renewable manner;

8. Rapeseed in the production plan has several benefits for farmers, nature, flora and fauna;

9. Example effect: image of green and sustainable producer to society;

10. The BPP is an interesting export product.