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TCE Gofour introduces the mobile Bio Product Processor (BPP) to the market that will have a positive effect on many links in the agrifood chain.

The Bio Product Processor will be placed on the farmer his property and converts in a sustainable manner and with the help of enzymes, oilseed crops in advanced ingredients for the food and medical industries and also produces high quality protein for the animal feed industry. Thanks to the efforts of the BPP system the farmer is also capable to generate his own electricity and heat for direct application on the farm. Finally, the by-product oil, can be marketed as biodiesel (APPO) or used on the farmer his own agricultural vehicles.

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TCE GoFours’ Bio Product Processor ensures the farmer that he can provide in his own energy needs in a sustainable and economically efficient manner. In addition, the Bio Product Processor generates numerous (semi)-finished products which can be marketed by the farmer. A substantial increase in financial revenue per hectare of harvested area is the result.

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Please use the menu on the right and bottom of the page to view the different output streams of the Bio Product Processor and to find out which output may be interesting for you.

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