Corporate Social Responsibility

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In addition to the significant economic and environmental benefits that the Bio Product Processor has for the farmer, the Bio Product Processor also connects with the following social and agricultural developments in general:

1. The “Bio-based Economy” (BE) is on the rise. Redevelopment of agricultural value chains is therefore obvious to derive maximum benefit of the BE;

2. The income of farmers is under pressure. Adding more value per hectare contributes to the solution of a growing income problem. In the solution by using the BPP container, the emphasis will not be on the “economy of scale”, but more on the “Economy of replication”;

3. Increasing pressure to derive maximum value of agricultural products. The so-called F-ladder of Prof. Johan Sanders indicates which value addition in which category leads to maximum results. Considering point 2 the deployment of the BPP perfectly matches that;

4. Increasing pressure on land and environment forces the development of processes that use on natural resources-based procedures as much as possible. This is the case here;

5. Reducing CO2 emissions, reducing transport movements and reduce pressure on the infrastructure gets increasing attention. Combining process steps directly from the source leads to significant reduction in transport movements.